Klostermann’s Brocket Hall Int appalling payment record

Lord Brocket | Tuesday - September 16th - 2014

‘Truth behind the Statutory Demand – name any landlord who has THIS patience!’

They’re at it again! Usual speculation with recent reports of Dieter Klostermann’s Brocket Hall International (BHI) being served with a Statutory Demand for unpaid rent. Following numerous media calls to me in the last two days this, for the record, is the true situation without all the red herrings that I see thrown at the media by BHI:

The ‘Artwork Heist’. Daily Mail report.

Lord Brocket | Tuesday - September 9th - 2014

Since my appearance on I’m a Celibrity’ the Daily Mail has, to everyone’s amazement, made their reports generally truthful and accurate! But it’s no surprise that they have now slipped back into their old ways of ‘why let the truth get in the way of a good story?’

So in response to the Mail’s “Mi lud carries out a multi-million pound art heist” slanted story……I’d better tell the true story myself – but via a blog where it won’t be doctored!

Memorial Address for Jerry Roberts by Charles Brocket.

Lord Brocket | Monday - September 8th - 2014

I was hugely honoured, and humbled, to be asked to give the address at the memorial service for one of the world’s greatest code breakers, Jerry Roberts, who departed this world on 26th March 2014 at the grand old age of ninety-three.

Why pay when you can hi-jack assets and just ignore UK law?

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

Don’t know how things are done in Germany but Klostermann’s management at Brocket Hall International (BHI) seems to have hit on the perfect way to make money by solving the inconvenient question of a company’s overheads. Simply commandeer those assets that you should be paying rent for and tell the owner to take a hike!

Klostermann’s Brocket Hall International confirms deliberate damage to Grade 1 Listed Buildings, breaches of planning, and destruction and damage of historic contents. English Heritage kept in the dark.

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

Dieter Klostermann’s management at Brocket Hall have recently had to admit to numerous acts of deliberate damage to Grade 1 star listed buildings, the highest listing in the country, destruction of part of the original contents specially commissioned for Brocket Hall, and serious damage to other contents.

British Butchers

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

Why are we surprised by the number of British blood-thirsty jihadists? When numerous Arab countries banned Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain welcomed them, and Omar Bakri, giving them free housing, schooling and medical care that you and I are paying for.


Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

For once the French are right! We Brits ARE stupid! The French say, Ask yourselves why immigrants from across the world queue up at Calais to fight their way into Britain? It’s because you give them free housing, education and health the moment they land! Change your system or stop complaining

A Foreign language

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

Don’t think they know it but the current crop of politicians are about to get their comeuppance! I believe a seismic change is happening across the developed world. Since WWII governments have been drawn from industry or the professional classes (Thatcher’s government being the last UK example).

Elitist Rubbish

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

So we are elitist because the majority of top positions are held by privately educated people?

The Jungle Boys

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

After a celebratory drink, Charlie, the DJ and music supremo Mike Read, and Razor Ruddock the ex-Liverpool player decided to re-work the classic song ‘Jungle Rock’ to give all proceeds to charity.

Television – a selection

Lord Brocket | Sunday - September 7th - 2014

For a fuller list of TV appearances, please see Charlie’s IMDB page.

Bletchley Park – The Codebreakers

Lord Brocket | Saturday - September 6th - 2014

Part of the filming of the series ‘Dangerous Adventures for Boys’, in which Charlie and his son William featured, was at Bletchley Park.

As an ex-army officer Charlie was of course familiar with Bletchley Park and its role in WW2 but was horrified to find the site semi-derelict. Enquiries revealed that there was no public funding of this site despite its national importance. Furthermore much of the site had been cleared for housing development and it was assumed that the remainder would be bulldozed.

The Time Lords

Lord Brocket | Saturday - September 6th - 2014

‘The Time Lords were formed in Her Majesty’s Prison Springhill. A group of inmates, organised by Dave Mumford, regularly practiced in the dining hall. Dave, doing time for allegedly selling cannabis, was a notable musician and brilliant guitarist who backed PJ Proby and The Walker Brothers and even had his own number one UK hit called ‘Love Maker’.

Voiceovers – a selection

Lord Brocket | Saturday - September 7th - 2013

Voice Over Compilation Appeal For Amnesty International Business Film Commercial For Gloria Extra Light Commercial For KitKat Commercial For Mercedes Commercial For Saab Reading from Armadillo By William Boyd Reading From Politicians Reading From The Armenian Genocide Reading Re John Donne

Unsung Heroes

Lord Brocket | Tuesday - March 8th - 2011


House of Lords

Lord Brocket | Tuesday - March 8th - 2011

once a NOBLE HOUSE My Peerage is hereditary although our family title, created in 1933, is quite a new one. This was the year when my great grandfather, Charles Nall-Cain, after whom I was named, was raised from a Baronetage to the Peerage. He was a most amazing and universally loved man who was Chairman of the Merseyside brewing firm of Robert Cain & Sons (later Walker Cain Ltd and Allied Breweries), which had been founded by his father Robert Cain. My great grandfather was raised to the Peerage for his business success and mainly because of his enormous charitable […]

Government’s astonishing DVLA cash-cow

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

Indirect taxation now means that UK residents are now amongst the highest taxed people in the world. It seems that the government’s aim is to tax literally everything that we do and soon they will charge us to spend a penny, if Ryanair don’t beat them to it. Following the recent revelation that the police are charging £70 a time for people to make simple enquiries that cost the police only 60p, it seems that the government has another interesting money spinner with the ‘ID card style driving licence’. When it was introduced in 1998 it wasn’t just the plastic […]

Lord BrocketDream Machines

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

Go for a spin down Memory Lane and remember some classic cars that made British motoring great THE CAR: BIRKIN BLOWER BENTLEY 1929 THE ENTHUSIAST: Lord Charlie Brocket, aristocrat, celebrity, former jailbird, writer, car fanatic and all-round loveable rogue Think back to your childhood and something that you had because its history left you awestruck. Mine was my prized Dinkey Toy, a British racing green 1929 Blower Bentley driven by a chap called Sir Henry ʻTimʼ Birkin in the 1930 Le Mans 24 hour race. The Blower Bentley was the most famous of cars. One man, an engineer with an eye […]

Ocean 7

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

PLAYTIME Amid the opulence of superyacht cruising, it is easy to overlook the evident reality that your private floating palace doesn’t just have a pool, it has an ocean. Lord Brocket took his family aboard Ocean Seven, to test how much fun kids of all ages can have messing about in boats. “After 6pm the Med always goes dead calm. This is the perfect time to play with the things that enjoy a smooth sea state, like donuts and bananas. “ Ocean Seven has a transom integrated swim platform, which makes it easy to access the water, even for smaller […]

Ritz Cuban Tobacco – Strike a Light

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

If Nero fiddled while Rome burned then, with the dire state that the Cuban economy is in (let alone its people), it seemed to me that most of the island was dancing the salsa while the rest of the world was quietly, and very expensively, setting fire to the contents of their fields. I have to say, and with some degree of smugness, that I have never smoked. However I have always loved the smell of cigars. My father died when he was thirty-two. He smoked mainly Churchill cigars and I suppose that it was the warm, fuzzy, cosy secure […]

Ritz Maybach Mean Machine

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

Maybach 57s Let’s pretend that you are a relative of ET, our friendly rubber-faced alien, and that you have just spent a few earthly minutes on-line or thumbing through directories researching hotels. You then wake up in the Prince of Wales suite at Cliveden. Clearly there has been a mistake, and earthlings are idiots. Those other establishments you’ve been looking at are places for stray cats to rest in, and obviously not hotels. Reception announced that the 57s was waiting outside. It was not very pretty. In fact it looked fairly run-of-the-mill. Something that would not really turn heads, not […]

Ritz SSK Auto Erotica

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

How many people own a Monet and really know about his life and what inspired the artist? How many wealthy people who own a Botticelli or a Titian actually don’t know what happened during the Renaissance to give birth to the movement that created these incredible works of art? And do the owners actually realise the importance of these works in a global context? I suspect not all. The fact is that everything has to start from somewhere and so it occurred to me that for those of you who appreciate the qualities of Mercedes-Benz automobiles I might remind you […]

Hello! France

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

WITH THE FAMILY RETURNING TO THE ROOST LORD AND LADY BROCKET INVITE US INTO THE FRENCH VILLA WHERE THEY WED AND REVEAL THEIR BABY HOPES ‘I  am  thrilled  to  have the children back. Family matters so much through good times and bad’ Lord and Lady Brocket are joined at their restored French farmhouse by Charlie’s children by his former marriage: William, 17, Alex, 23, and 20-year-old Antalya. Deceptively spacious on the inside, the property overlooks Lord and Lady Brocket are relishing a family breakfast on their terrace high in the hills above Cannes. Their beautiful retreat, which enjoys breathtaking views over 60km […]

Hello! Baby Announcement

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES AND INTERVIEW: IN A PLACE CLOSE TO THEIR HEARTS LORD AND LADY BROCKET ARE OVERJOYED TO ANNOUNCE THEIR BABY NEWS ‘Having a baby is the most exciting thing you can do as a couple and it sets the seal on our relationship’ Harriet Brocket stands in a private suite at Cliveden looking in amaze- ment at her expanding stomach. She’s only three months pregnant but could be at least halfway through her term. “Charlie thought there must be at least four babies in there,” she laughs. Fortunately for the new Lady Brocket, last week’s scan proved her husband […]

Hello! Honeymoon in India

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

SETTING THE SEAL ON AN EVENTFUL YEAR LORD AND LADY BROCKET ENJOY A LATE, LAVISH HONEYMOON IN ROMANTIC RAJASTHAN Harriet and Charlie, who married in France in June (top left), spent part of their honeymoon at the Devi Garh Fort Palace. The 18th-century landmark, now a hotel, is where Elizabeth Hurley is rumoured to be getting married ‘We’ve been able to experience the sights, sounds and colours of rural India in a way that will stay with us all our lives’ In 2004, Charlie survived the jungle in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – so riding a camel on his dawn […]

Hello! Wedding

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

Hello! Engagement

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - February 23rd - 2011

PHOTOGRAPHED IN HIS LONDON FLAT LORD BROCKET AND HARRIET WARREN TALK FRANKLY ABOUT THEIR TURBULENT RELATIONSHIP AND SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT ‘Being close to someone is a nice thing. Men like the novelty of a new relationship; making it work is much harder’ Charlie and Harriet at his riverside flat – “I’m used to large rooms,” he says. One wall is covered in Old Masters from Brocket Hall. He proposed in August and Harriet is now the proud owner of a 9.5-carat diamond and sapphire engagement ring Sir Charles Nall-Cain, third Baron Brocket, is of Charlie Brocket’s first wife Isa, the beautiful former standing in […]

Mugging in Langton st

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - March 3rd - 2010

999 calls Yesterday’s Evening Standard paper ran a front page article proclaiming me as a hero for saving two sisters from machete wielding muggers.  This was rubbish and hid the real issue behind the whole incident. What I did was no more than any other passer-by would have done if confronted with the same scene and in fact at least two other locals gave chase.  The correspondent assured me on tape, on my insistence, that this background information would not form part of the story, save that there was a mugging, and that the real issue would be made public.  […]

Motorcycle Challenge / CLIC Sargent

Lord Brocket | Saturday - June 6th - 2009

Just before the onset of the fighting in what has been termed the ‘Arab Spring’, Charlie completed a 10,000 mile motorcycle journey through eighteen countries to circumnavigate the Mediterranean in forty days to raise both money and awareness for the CLIC Sargent cancer charity for children.

Motorcycle Challenge / CLIC Sargent – Blog

Lord Brocket | Friday - June 5th - 2009

Leave London and take the Eurostar to France and then the worst part of the whole journey – the 800 mile motorway run down the length of France to Nice but the Harley and I have to get aquainted somehow! I find that wind noise on the mike cuts out all inputs to the headphones after 75mph! Mr Harley please note! My iPod library now looking less useful as the only way to crack this leg is set the bike at 100, which it seems to like, and go for it. Arrive at Nice after midnight with static ears!

Shakti. The camp in the sky.

Lord Brocket | Wednesday - August 13th - 2008

For Country Life I remember my first journey to the Mara only too well. Full of excitement we flew from Nairobi in the most famous of all workhorses of the sky, a Dakota, adored by the Berliners for the round-the-clock airlift that kept them alive for eleven months during the siege by the Russian regime just after World War II. The camp was run by Abercrombie & Kent, was all it was cracked up to be and initiated our friendship with John Hurt, the actor. On the second day we were told of the discovery of a litter of lion […]

Mobile Madness

Lord Brocket | Thursday - July 24th - 2008

I am sad to report yet more daft behaviour to make our day just that bit more irritating. Today when the mobile phone companies are prostrating themselves to attract customers as recession looms, think very hard before signing up with Carphone Warehouse. Last year I took out a contract with Carphone Warehouse in my daughter’s name but with myself as the account holder. Every month they sent the bill by post and, having checked the bill for accuracy, I paid by phone. Then in May this year no bill arrived so I called up only to be told that Carphone […]

Railway Robbery

Lord Brocket | Friday - November 23rd - 2007

Notes on transport madness What really crossed up my internal wiring last weekend was my inability to process what had happened into any kind of logical place in my mind. My wife was traveling by rail having shown her young godson around the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Having left Greenwich on the underground she had used her Oyster card but on arriving at Clapham Junction she only then realized that the card would not let her through the barrier when a man behind her aggressively forced her up against the barrier then swore at her because he was not able […]

To Pee or not to Pee

Lord Brocket | Tuesday - August 21st - 2007

Today I took my wife to Floridita’s, the Cuban bar in Wardour Street, to deliver some pictures for her forthcoming exhibition. I pulled up on a single yellow line where loading and unloading is permitted. After a couple of minutes a traffic warden approached. He was very polite when I asked him if it was alright for me to do this. ‘No problem by me, but you see that camera up there?’ pointing to a smoked glass hemisphere at the top of a lamp post. ‘Well some of us…….er a few of us…. exercise discretion in these circumstances but unfortunately […]

Palaces in Wonderland

Lord Brocket | Thursday - January 18th - 2007

The obvious words come to mind when thinking of India. Stunning colours, fragrant aromas, frenetic activity and a land of contradictions.  Reality, though, is not what you see and if you banish all preconceptions, accept nothing and ask about everythingthen you will come away with quite a different impression. It is a country where norms simply do not apply. In a continent where there are twenty-six and a half million births every year (equivalent to the total population of Australia), extremes are the norm. Unless you were an army officer or a friend of one of the Maharajas, touring India […]

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